15 Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Love all of this but I don’t understand how number 12 works. XP

Fantage Shimmer Glimmer

Hi guys! Today im writing a post about beauty life hacks.Hopefully these will help you out and without further ado, lets get into it!

  1. To get glitter off your face get sticky tape and kind of dab it on your face. I had heaps of glitter on my face today actually and this helped to take it off
  2. Want a really sharp contour line? Line up a piece of paper or card on your contour line and then put the product on and blend it out
  3. To get rid or knots in your hair work from the bottom and up
  4. For a really sharp eyeliner look use sticky tape to use as a stencil
  5. If you get mascara on your eyelids or on your face don’t touch it straight away. Wait for it to fully dry and then just scratch it off. Wa la!
  6. To prime your eyes you don’t…

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