Hey, it’s me Salma here and today I want to talk about nicknames.Well, I have a nickname and that is “add”.People call me “add” is because it is a short form for my last real name Aida.Sometimes,my friends like to shout my nickname and when I look at them they immediately shout but I don’t care because being nicknamed makes us unique and no matter how your nickname is pronounced your nickname is still unique.Even sometimes nicknames can also be food, like cupcake and chocolate.I also have the most used food name “sugar bear”.No matter what nickname you have, it is still a nickname that presents your personality,favourites,and more.I also have something else to show you guys while I was searching quizzes or something fun to share with you guys on this post I found something that is really awesome 🙂 I just wanted to put something fun so that you guys can be happy ❤

The URL ~ Have fun ❤ 🙂

That is all for now and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out that URL and I will talk to you guys next time.



7 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. I don’t have a nickname other than FarahEdz but people don’t usually call me that. They usually called me Farah but seriously, I really happy with my current name. Like for real, your nickname is unique. “@” ? Wow.. Hehehe.. Next time, whenever I wanna call your name or anything, I just use “Hey @” xD

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