Remember everything

Hey, it’s me Salma here and today I want to share with you guys on how to remember everything.Ok, girls always rush on everything especially on school.I, myself has experienced the rush for girls to go to school.Here is some tips for you girls to no to be rush on going to school.What are we waiting for without further ado let’s get on to the post.


Waking up is something every girl hates, right? I like to sleep in so, that means waking up late.If you want to wake up early I recommend for you to sleep at 10.00 p.m. sharp so that you get 8 hours of sleep so that you can wake up early and have a fresh start of your day.


For me makeup is very important.I always wear makeup to school because if I don’t wear makeup to school my naked face is going to show and people are going to ask me questions and I’m just going to answer them like the girl from the TV show scrub is going to answer.


My advice is, at least put some foundation on so that the dark spots on your face doesn’t show.Also, don’t forget to put concealer on so that you can cover the dark lines under your eyes.


Getting ready is the main thing where every girl would spend their 35 minutes to choose an outfit that is cute and comfortable for school.If you want to wear a cute and comfortable outfit every 5 days of school all you need is to be prepared the day before Monday.Lots of people prepare their outfits the night before but I like to prepare my outfits the day before Monday.If you prepare your outfits the day before Monday, the night before of your school day you could relax and also do your homework.


I won’t write a long paragraph because my advice is so… simple.If you want to eat breakfast all you need to do is plan your breakfast the night before that is all.


After you had your breakfast you can finally go to school with a strong energy, a beautiful face, and a full healthy tummy.

That is all for now and comment down below if you want me to post more on how to do things perfect.Also, don’t forget to be active at school and I will talk to you guys next time.




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