My Makeup Routine


Hey, it’s me Salma here and today I want to share with you guys my makeup routine.This post was inspired by some of my friends and I hope they like it and you guys like it to.What are we waiting for? Without further ado lets’ get on to the post.



The first  thing what I always do is, I would wear my foundation first.I like to wear foundation first before I add the concealer.Next, I wait for a couple of seconds to make sure my foundation didn’t get onto my hair and my concealer didn’t get onto my eyelashes.After that, I wear my bronze powder all over my face so that my face would look a little bronze.After I’m finished with my face I move to my eyebrows.I like to make look fleek but no to fleek just like a straight one.Then, I move to my lips.For my lips, I like to put some lip balm or chapstick first so that my lips doesn’t dry and when I put my lip gloss it will make my lips look EXTRA glossy. ❤

I know that this is weird but I got to give the fans what they want ❤


That is all for now and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’m also sorry for not posting the top 10 music of the week.I didn’t post it because all of the songs are from the 90s’.Well ,talk to you guys next time.





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