My staycation

Hey, it’s me Salma here and today I’m having a staycation in a city.I’m staying in a hotel bedroom and it’s a suite by the way.My staycation is going to last for 2 days and 1 night because next Monday I’m going to school.My staycation is going to be awesome because I already know it.I’m sleeping in the living room which means I’m sleeping on the couch and also I’m going to be sleeping alone.I’m going to be sleeping alone in front of my Macbook and in front of the television and the most importantly is that the air conditioner is even colder than in the bedroom.Isn’t that great, here is my advice for all of you people who is always being forced to sleep uncomfortably in the bedroom.Trust me, when you sleep in the living room in any hotel or maybe a homestay, oh and maybe a cabin my advice is to sleep and stay in the living room.

That is all for now and don’t forget when you are staying somewhere for a vacation or staycation always sleep and stay in the living room.That is all for now and talk to you guys next time.



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