😔The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life!!!!😔

Hey,it’s me Salma here and OMG I have a story to tell you guys.If you guys were me you would know how it’s like to be embarrassed in front of the whole school.


It was Monday and we had an event.I had to read a poem with my partner.I was the first one that needs to read the first poem.I memorise the whole poem but when I got on the stage everyone was like YEAH!!! WO HOO!! For some reason when they shouted those words I heard that they shout BOO!!! I know that I have hearing problems but it is impossible for me to hear that kind of word when people support me, then I started panicking just because of my hearing problems.I know that it is a bad time for me to panic but I’m a panic person.

After that,the teacher told me to say greetings and then my throat was starting to feel uncomfortable and hurt.Then, I started to read the poem I remembered the first paragraph but then some stupid boy just shouted “WHAT KIND OF POEM ARE YOU READING!! SO BORING!!”.I wish I could swear after he shouted that but then I froze.I continued to read the poem “I saw, I saw, I was” I seriously didn’t remember a thing, my memorization became blank.After that, my voice muted.

I wanted to shout, but I can’t because my voice muted so I acted.I mean like who froze in a middle of a presentation and panicked until your voice is muted.I really wish that I could turn back time, but I can’t because I’m not supernatural or magical.

Without anyone noticing me acting because of my voice muted.I ran to the bathroom and I begged to have my voice back.After I begged in the bathroom I ran to my classroom to drink my whole water bottle.Then, seriously after I begged so hard I can only whisper.My throat did hurt a little bit while I whispered.I just stayed in my classroom, crying because of embaressment and that I could only whisper in my whole life 😦 .

I,myself want to kill myself when my classmates started showing in the classroom.They started mocking me and shouted bad words at me.My friends were there for me but they just team up with the bad ones for awhile.After they stoped mocking me because of our history teahcer came they still mock me.

That is all for now and I hope you guys liked this post.That is all and talk to you guys next time.



9 thoughts on “😔The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life!!!!😔

  1. Aww that sucks, so sorry! I had a pretty bad day a while ago too, but not as bad as yours; it was kind of funny (but humiliating also lol). I was sitting in the caf with my friend group and the guy I like was sitting at the table next to me. Two of my friends told our other friend (who was kinda distant at the time) who I liked, although they promised not to tell. I had no idea they told him and I was sitting at the table when he came up to me while my crush was walking by and yelled “He’s on the move, he’s on the move!” I was really mad and my friends (not the ones who sabotaged me) asked me what happened, and they replied “Ohhhhhh. I thought he was saying ‘He’s on the moon, he’s on the moon!” hahaha idk if my weird story makes you feel any better! Have a good day!
    xoxo Sarah

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