6 easy DIY ways to make cut flower last longer

Hey,it’s me Salma here on today I’m gonna share with you guys 6 easy DIY ways to make cut flower last longer.What are we waiting for? Without further ado let’s get on to the post.shutterstock_116582800.jpg

There is an undeniable beauty and freshness in any room or space when it is decorated with a vase (or many vases) of cut flowers. Fresh flowers bring the colours and scents of nature indoors and are perfect for brightening up a special occasion. Use these 6 tips to make your cut flowers last longer, even after the party’s over!

1. Cut the stems underwater
Whether you’ve purchased the flowers or harvested them from your garden, make sure to cut them under running water or in a vase or bucket before transferring them to a vase. This will keep the stem from creating a seal and allow the flowers to transfer water into their veins better, so they stay hydrated and fresh for longer.

2. Make a diagonal cut
A diagonal cut opens more of the stem, and thus more of the veins of the flower, allowing for more water to be transferred through the stem and all they way up into the blossoms.
3. Add some sugar
Just like us, plants thrive on a necessary amount of carbohydrates, and sugar is the easiest way for flowers once they can no longer create their own food (such as when they are cut off their roots). Adding just a  teaspoon per pint is enough to keep your flowers looking happier and healthier for longer.

4. Pop in some pennies
Copper, which is what pennies are made of, acts as  an antibacterial agent, fending off algae and other bacteria that being to grow when plant matter is immersed in water. Drop 3-6 pennies in the vase (depending on the size of the vase) and make sure to change the water every 2-3 days.

5. Just a dash of vodka
Getting your flowers a little tipsy is another way to fend off bacteria, and works like magic when coupled with a teaspoon of sugar. Just make sure to change the water in your vase about every 2-3 days.

6. Stay away from fruit!
As it ripens, fruit gives off ethylene gas, which will cause anything around it to start the ripening or spoiling process. The effect on cut flowers will be quicker wilting of the leaves and blossoms, so make sure to not place them on the same table. Keeping your cut flowers out on direct sunlight (if possible) will also help them last longer.


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