55 Followers and new things

OMG,OMG!! We have 55 friends,55 strangers,and 55 supporters on this blog,that is so exciting.I have never been proud like this before because I hit 55 followers in 3 months.Last time, when I had Girl Inner Sparkle it took me almost 4 months to hit 50+.Then,someone that I hated deleted Girl Inner Sparkle and Life As A Typical Girl was created on 27th of August 2016.It only took us a few steps just to get 55 supporters but, the only thing that I can’t believe is that 55 people are following me because of my random shit and crappy post, that is just mind blowing.

mind blown.gif

More than that,I learn some new things that I could do here.Since I can’t use my electronics on weekdays next year because I have to face the toughest test in my school that most of you might don’t know about, I can’t post anything.Now I can but I’m not going to tell you because the person that I hate will do the same thing,sorry guys :(.Next, I am learning how to speak French a little bit that is why there is a lot of French words in my posts.That is mostly it I guess? If you guys have any question just asked me on this post or at the featured post if you are too lazy to scroll down :).

That is all for now and talk to you guys next time 🙂 .




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