Things that changed…


When I woke up this morning I realised that I have never eaten breakfast in my life.In my New year’s resolution post I wanted to be healthy and if I wanted to be healthy I have to eat breakfast.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I have been missing breakfast.In this post, I will tell you about things that have changed in the year of 2017.Even though that we are all are starting, I’m posting about things that changed fast.

  • Be quiet in class.

Yes, I finally shut up and don’t talk much.Last year, I talk a lot in class this time while the teacher is talking, I shut up.I’m not saying that I 100% shut up but my progress is in good shape :D.

  • Stop watching ALBERTSTUFF

I did stop watching ALBERTSTUFF, so it’s a win-win.

  • Make all of my friends happy at the same time.

Finally, that is 100% stable.I made all of my friends happy this year and no fight is on.Last year, I already had an enemy on my first day.This year, my first day of school was filled with happiness and I DIDN’T made an enemy on my first day.Thank god for that.

That is all and my 2017 is going to a good start so yeah, BYE!!

Peace out✌️
Love you all
😘 😘 😘
XOXO, Salma 

New Year, New Me| Story of my life |

Let’s get started with my 2017 resolution.

In my life, I have never made a resolution before. So today, I would like to start a new year’s resolution.Now let’s get started.

I actually have a lot of things I want to do on 2017.I want to make sure that my resolution is separately for school and outside of school.I also, want to make myself a better person.


For school, I would like

  • To get better grades.
  • Be quiet in class, I just want to SHUT UP.
  •  Never daydream in class.
  • Do duties in the computer lab, even more, better.
  • Focus on my studies.


Outside of school, I would like

  • To be healthy.
  • Read more books than usual.
  • Have a life.
  • Make a plan for the future.
  • Watch the entire 7 season of Gilmore Girls.
  • Make all of my friends happy at the same time.
  • Know a little bit more about my culture.

That’s all and if you guys know who AlbertStuff is I just hope that you guys stop watching him.That’s all and I can’t believe I’m posting this late.Well, BYE!!

Peace out ✌️
Love you all
😘 😘 😘
XOXO, Salma

😘 ✈️ My First Winter Holiday ✈️ 😘 |4th of December | 😺 Story Of My Life 😺

My first winter holiday is at Korea and by the way, this is also my first time posting about my holidays so if I’m bad at telling stories you can judge me 😹 😹..Also, if you are using a computer or a laptop to write posts and you want to add emojis I recommend for you to use Get Emoji-List of all emojis to copy and paste it works for me so it will work for you too.Ok, well our taxi arrived at 9.30 pm and it took us 30 minutes to arrived at the airport.Our flight was at 1 o’clock in the morning and we settled everything within an hour.Me and my family got to relax for two hours.Our flight going to Korea was 6 hours and 30 minutes and I had to sit between my mum and a Korean man.It was really uncomfortable and while I was sleeping I was even delirious.The most annoying part is the Korean man is a gadget hoarder freak. He is like have his iPhone on the table, his Macbook was also on the table and his Ipad Mini was like on the arm rest.I was like dude what the hell are you doing and are you dumb because other people, for example, me  wants to rest their arm😾 😾 😾  you know, that I could check and see what he is doing but when he is sending messages his language was Korean language and when he is watching a show or something he is watching Shin Chanshin chan.jpg (well that is how I saw how the show’s name spells, I haven’t watched the show for a very long time
😅 😅 😅).Well, rather than that while I was feeling uncomfortable I was crying for 30 minutes.I have never cried for 30 minutes in my entire life and I just can’t believe I suffered thru uncomfortableness for 6 hours and 30 minutes.I did get to sleep but just for one hour and I have to wait for 2 hours and sleep again.I last woke up at 5.10 am and Just stay awake.Then, it was time for us to land and oh my god this Korean Man person is deaf because a stewardess came and told him to shut down his gadgets and all he did was nodded and continued watching his gadgets and I was like dude we are about to land here.😡It was a good thing that we landed, after that, me and my family settled our luggage and stuff and went to Seoul Station.There were lockers there so we could put our luggage in there but we had four mini luggage and one big one.We only put the mini ones because the big one was too big so we just went to a shop kinda like and just put it there.After that, finally, we went and looked for food.There wasn’t many halal food but my mum wanted to try a halal food restaurant that serves Korean food.There was a restaurant that serves halal Korean food but we need to have a reservation.So we ended up eating at a crappy restaurant and that cost us 200MYR.I was shocked when I heard that we spent 200MYR for a crappy restaurant.After that, we went to the Line Cafe.If you guys are a big fan of Line Friends you guys will have a heart attack when you guys came to the cafe.line-friends

Well, that was the place.We ordered hot chocolate and green tea, we also ordered a mint chocolate cupcake.After we finished everything, we can finally go to the hotel.We actually went to the Seoul Station first to get our luggage.There was a hill so we need to pull our bag rather than push it.When we arrived, we sat down and then I was searching for the elevator.Then I realised there was no elevator there was only stairs.I was like what the hell, we have to carry our bag till the third floor? You have got to be kidding me.Well, I can’t complain so I just shut up and then when we finally get to the room I threw my jacket and everything that I’m wearing at the bag and then get my MacBook after that, I just relax.The place was cramped so my bag was on the bed.While the time is passing I was still on Netflix and I just went to bed at like 12 in the morning.

That is all, for now, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and BYE!!

peace out✌️
Love you all
😘 😘 😘

P.S sorry for posting this so late 😅


55 Followers and new things

OMG,OMG!! We have 55 friends,55 strangers,and 55 supporters on this blog,that is so exciting.I have never been proud like this before because I hit 55 followers in 3 months.Last time, when I had Girl Inner Sparkle it took me almost 4 months to hit 50+.Then,someone that I hated deleted Girl Inner Sparkle and Life As A Typical Girl was created on 27th of August 2016.It only took us a few steps just to get 55 supporters but, the only thing that I can’t believe is that 55 people are following me because of my random shit and crappy post, that is just mind blowing.

mind blown.gif

More than that,I learn some new things that I could do here.Since I can’t use my electronics on weekdays next year because I have to face the toughest test in my school that most of you might don’t know about, I can’t post anything.Now I can but I’m not going to tell you because the person that I hate will do the same thing,sorry guys :(.Next, I am learning how to speak French a little bit that is why there is a lot of French words in my posts.That is mostly it I guess? If you guys have any question just asked me on this post or at the featured post if you are too lazy to scroll down :).

That is all for now and talk to you guys next time 🙂 .



My feelings when my parents compare me to other kids. 8 + – + )

Hey, it’s me Salma here and today I’m gonna tell you about my feelings when my parents compare me to other kids.For some reason I’m laughing while typing because I just can’t believe that I am this stupid to share with you guys about how I feel when my parents compare me to other kids. 😄 ok, without further ado let’s get on to the post.


UGH!! is how feel because it’s not easy for us kids to hear adults saying this ” Look at your friend she is nice,smart,not crazy but you are ugly,crazy,and stupid.” and your respond is “UGH!!” and your parents are gonna slap you in the face.It’s true if you are rude to your parents or saying like UGH!!,ish and all you’re gonna get is a slap in the face.

2.Changing my mind

When I say changing my mind, I don’t mean like by saying “oh yeah right, my friend is smart and I’m like rude to you guys” no way, jose I’m thinking like that.Us kids don’t have a changing our minds button but we do have a changing our minds about doing this again button.I mean like come on, after you got scolded by your parents you’re going to do the same thing again? Until your parents throw you by the streets.This is my comment “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!” That is my comment to people that make their mistakes over and over again.If you make your mistakes over and over again you are not gonna get an award that says “Congratulations, for making your mistakes over and over again 🙂 ” and yes with a smiley face.


After you got scolded by your parents you are going to run to your room and get your all time favourite pillow.Then, what are you gonna do? You are going to put your face against the pillow and shout like you have never shout before in your entire life.After you shout you’re going to cry like a crybaby.I’ll be saying #crybaby while I’m crying because my parents scold at me and I’m also crying because I’m watching crybaby music video by Melanie Martinez.I respect you Melanie >:(.

4.Saying sorry

At last, after you went thru all those different stage eventually you are going to say sorry.Obviously,you need to say sorry to your parents because you did something bad until your parents have to compare to you to other kids.

That is all for now and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and remember, although that you got scolded by your parents it doesn’t mean that they hate you.They scolded you because you did something not because you did something good.That is all and talk to you guys next time.



😔The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life!!!!😔

Hey,it’s me Salma here and OMG I have a story to tell you guys.If you guys were me you would know how it’s like to be embarrassed in front of the whole school.


It was Monday and we had an event.I had to read a poem with my partner.I was the first one that needs to read the first poem.I memorise the whole poem but when I got on the stage everyone was like YEAH!!! WO HOO!! For some reason when they shouted those words I heard that they shout BOO!!! I know that I have hearing problems but it is impossible for me to hear that kind of word when people support me, then I started panicking just because of my hearing problems.I know that it is a bad time for me to panic but I’m a panic person.

After that,the teacher told me to say greetings and then my throat was starting to feel uncomfortable and hurt.Then, I started to read the poem I remembered the first paragraph but then some stupid boy just shouted “WHAT KIND OF POEM ARE YOU READING!! SO BORING!!”.I wish I could swear after he shouted that but then I froze.I continued to read the poem “I saw, I saw, I was” I seriously didn’t remember a thing, my memorization became blank.After that, my voice muted.

I wanted to shout, but I can’t because my voice muted so I acted.I mean like who froze in a middle of a presentation and panicked until your voice is muted.I really wish that I could turn back time, but I can’t because I’m not supernatural or magical.

Without anyone noticing me acting because of my voice muted.I ran to the bathroom and I begged to have my voice back.After I begged in the bathroom I ran to my classroom to drink my whole water bottle.Then, seriously after I begged so hard I can only whisper.My throat did hurt a little bit while I whispered.I just stayed in my classroom, crying because of embaressment and that I could only whisper in my whole life 😦 .

I,myself want to kill myself when my classmates started showing in the classroom.They started mocking me and shouted bad words at me.My friends were there for me but they just team up with the bad ones for awhile.After they stoped mocking me because of our history teahcer came they still mock me.

That is all for now and I hope you guys liked this post.That is all and talk to you guys next time.


My staycation

Hey, it’s me Salma here and today I’m having a staycation in a city.I’m staying in a hotel bedroom and it’s a suite by the way.My staycation is going to last for 2 days and 1 night because next Monday I’m going to school.My staycation is going to be awesome because I already know it.I’m sleeping in the living room which means I’m sleeping on the couch and also I’m going to be sleeping alone.I’m going to be sleeping alone in front of my Macbook and in front of the television and the most importantly is that the air conditioner is even colder than in the bedroom.Isn’t that great, here is my advice for all of you people who is always being forced to sleep uncomfortably in the bedroom.Trust me, when you sleep in the living room in any hotel or maybe a homestay, oh and maybe a cabin my advice is to sleep and stay in the living room.

That is all for now and don’t forget when you are staying somewhere for a vacation or staycation always sleep and stay in the living room.That is all for now and talk to you guys next time.